HP Printers are renowned for their best print quality. Be it for home use or for commercial use, this printer company fulfills the printing needs as per the requirement. Taking Apple devices into consideration, it becomes quite difficult for a beginner or layman to connect HP printer to Apple Laptop. Unlike other laptops, the settings and operating system of Apple differs. If you have bought a new printer and facing difficulties in connecting it with your Mac device then you must take help from HP Printer customer care number 1-844-794-2515, where you will be advised regarding the solution of the issue.

With affordable price range and innovative technology, this company offers a wide range of competitors. The printers come in different sizes. Even operating an HP Printer is quite easy once you are done with the settings. You can follow the troubleshooting steps in this blog if you want to connect with Apple Laptop yourself.

Solution: Connecting HP Printer to Apple Laptop

The MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops from Apple include two USB ports that you can use to connect to your printer. Once you're ready to use your laptop, you'll need to connect to it.

· Go to the 'Apple' menu and select 'software update'. This will check for any HP Printer updates that you may have missed.

· Turn on your printer by pressing the 'power button'

· Click on the 'Apple icon' and select system preferences

· Click on 'print and scan'

· Click on the most icon. You have to type your name and password

· Choose the printer you want to add from the provided list. Click 'add' and your HP Printer will be connected to the laptop.

You should go straight to HP Printer tech support number If you get confused while following the steps. The certified technicians will help you in resolving the issue in minimum span of time. The support team is available round the clock.


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